Jobs and Internships with the Big 4 Accounting & Consulting Firms

Are you studying accounting, finance, or economics and looking for a great job or internship?  Perhaps you have already graduated with an accounting or business-related degree and you want to start your career at a prestigious company that will provide you unprecedented opportunities and upside?  If so, then you’ve come to the right place.  We can help you.

Ranked as Best Companies to start your career at
Every year thousands of incredibly talented applicants attempt to obtain a job or internship with the Big 4 accounting & consulting firms.  This is because the Big 4 offer careers with unmatched benefits.  From the very beginning these companies give their employees first class experiences and opportunities, which allows employees to rapidly progress through the entry levels of their industry and ultimately provides them nearly limitless career choices in the future.  Aside from consistently being ranked as the best companies to start a career at, the Big 4 garner a wealth of other awards every year that prove just how much they have to offer.

Competition is fierce
As a result of all the fantastic opportunities that are available at these firms, competition is fierce to obtain coveted positions.  Merely having top grades or impressive resume experiences are not enough to land you a position at these firms.  Sure, these things will help you get your foot in the door, but once you realize that all the other applicants seem to have just as many accolades you will quickly realize that you need to do more.

This site has the resources you need
We can help you.  The team that created this website is comprised of some of the most standout performers at each of the Big 4 firms.  We know exactly what it takes to succeed, because we’ve done it.  We’ve also been in your shoes before.  We’ve gone through the exact hiring process that you are about to go through and competed with stellar applicant pools much like those you will face.

More importantly however, as we’ve risen through our respective firms we’ve become deeply involved with each firm’s hiring process.  We meet thousands of candidates every year, we interview them, and then we participate in the meetings where candidates are either offered jobs or thanked for their time.  We know exactly what the Big 4 firms are looking for.

We have used our knowledge and experience to create the articles, advice, and insights found within this website to help you learn all of the most essential information about the Big 4.  Below we summarize some of the information within the website that we hope you find useful.

Who are the Big 4?
What exactly do the Big 4 do?  What would a typical day look like in your first year there?  Is a Big 4 career even right for you in the first place?  What are the pros and cons of working for a Big 4 firm?  What can I expect my starting salary to be?  We provide you with the information to answer these questions and many more in this section of the website.

Hiring Process
If you decide you want to pursue a job with a Big 4 firm you will be entering an extremely competitive hiring process.  You need to be aware of all of the steps the hiring process consists of and what you need to do during each of them.  Use the website to learn about early events that often get overlooked such as career fairs and info sessions.  Of course we have also included the two steps that are far and away the most important: resumes and interviews.  The resume section will walk you through the key information you need to include, but more importantly how to best present it.  We also include our top resume tips.  Our interview section will walk you through a typical interview, including the most common questions you need to prepare for.  We have also provided explanations for the different types of interviews you could face along with our top interview tips.

Direct interaction with our website users
We are constantly updating and improving our content based on your questions and experiences.  If you have a question the website does not address, think there is important content missing, or have an experience that is different from what you learned on our site, we want to hear about it!  Our goal is to provide you with the best and most complete information on jobs, internships and careers with the Big 4.  If we can be doing better tell us how and we will do so.

While our preference is to update website content so knowledge and advice can be available to as many candidates as possible, we will also sometimes respond to your feedback directly.  Getting candid, one-on-one advice from a Big 4 professional can be very valuable.  The hiring process can be intense and fast-moving; we want to be there to provide the best possible resources to meet your needs during this important time.

The Guide
The primary goal of this website is to provide free and useful information to anyone who is considering a career with a Big 4 firm.  A select group of job candidates may wish to obtain more detailed information and specific advice on how to succeed in the hiring process and land a job.  For these candidates we offer a Guide that is available for purchase.  The Guide was written by our team of Big 4 professionals and contains their best tips and insights.  We do not expect that everyone will be interested in purchasing the Guide and for this reason we offer a very large quantity of free information on the website.  If you find the free resources here to be informative and helpful then we guarantee you will find the Guide to be much more and you can learn more about it here.